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Learn about the advanced security of networks

Gain experience in designing, authentication and troubleshooting networks

Get deep knowledge about the advanced routing and switching of networks

IIHT’s CCNP course is ideal for network engineers to maximize the foundational networking knowledge and provides validation for the skills acquired. IIHT’s CCNP Online Training provides the learner with a live interactive session that includes the real-time access to the projects for hands-on experience in the simulated platform for the better learning experience. The course is ideal for students who want to crack the CCNP certification

IIHT provides instructor-led classroom training for the course and our course module meets the global standards. The students will have hands-on experience with numerous practice sessions and get exposed to real-time scenarios. The students are trained under the experts with 10-15 years of domain-specific experience in the industry.

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Course Content

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Why should I do course in CCNP?

Learning CCNP will help students understand the practical and theoretical knowledge required for advanced routing and switching of networks. Students and professionals who hold CCNP certification are considered to be efficient and will be able to work in tandem with specialists in areas like wireless, advanced security, video solutions and voice.

Benefits of learning CCNP

A CCNP certification indicates competence in switching and routing of networks. The training and experience you gain through this certification will get you ready for various career opportunities, regardless of whether or not you have experience in the field. Students will get hands-on training in various area of computer networking, all of which will be invaluable in times to come.

Why to do course in IIHT?

IIHT provides instructor-led classroom training for the course. Our course module meets the global standards and students will have a hands-on experience with numerous practical sessions, exposing them to real-time scenarios. Moreover, students will be trained under the experts who have 10-15 years of domain specific experience in the industry.

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State-of-the-art Labs

IIHT’s state-of-the-art lab facilities are browse accessed and all students are exposed to various scenarios thy would encounter while working in the industry. This allows students to get hands-on training and make them job ready. Students can access IIHT’s lab via the Learning Management System from any location, any time, making it the perfect practise field. The blended learning method adopted by IIHT is easily the most powerful Labs are integrated into the learner’s dashboard and guarantees learners a hassle-free experience by not having to move another window.

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CCNP Routing and Switching Projects

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What do you get from IIHT’s blended learning module?

The unique one-of-its-kind blended learning module has the following features:

  • Personalized learner homepage: There is a provision for students to use personalized dashboards that students can customize, view the status of the course material. Students can also compare their performances with their classmates’.
    Catalog for recommended courses: View course catalog and sort levels.
  • Powerful search: Global search the entire Learning Management System of IIHT whenever you need.
  • Course Details: Learners get to view the details of the course like deadlines and upcoming project.
  • Prework: PDFs and documents to help you prepare for upcoming courses.
  • Core Content: Virtual classrooms, activities and assessments
  • Labs: Easy access to labs anytime, integrated within the Learning Management System.
  • Download Reference Materials: Learners can download reference materials from resources section any time
  • Fluidic Player: Learn at your own pace.
  • Allows students to take notes for revision
  • Gamification: Students can compete with one another to do better!

Learn Advanced Networking with CCNP


Professionals and students who have completed CCNA are eligible to take up CCNP course. Normally students with one year of experience in networking are advised to pursue CCNP course.

CCNP certification will offer attractive career opportunities in various domains within the IT industry, as enterprises consider CCNP certified professionals as competent individuals who aspire to grow.

CCNP certificated individuals are often recognised as individuals capable of working at par with the specialists on advanced networks and security. Furthermore, CCNP professionals are considered to be a valuable asset because of their potential knowledge on advanced networks.