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Validate your skills with CCNA certifications

Learn to build simple LANs and configure networking devices

Stay in sync with Cisco innovations with CCNA course

IHT’s CCNA course is designed to crack the Cisco certification and become a certified networking professional. Learn CCNA online from the industry pioneers and gain the required expertise in CCNA Routing and Switching. One of the key features at IIHT is the CCNA online training, wherein a learner will be able to access live and interactive classes led by an instructor from anywhere and not have to be in a classroom necessarily. The industry-mapped curriculum is equipped to prepare the learners with the necessary information to undertake global certifications on successful completion of the course. Our live interactive course module meets the global standards, providing students with hands-on experience with numerous practice sessions that expose them to real-time troubleshooting scenarios.

Market research and global employers have constantly indicated that while the skill gap for general networking is shrinking, the skill gap for essential networking technologies is growing rapidly. IIHT’s CCNA course is specially designed to address this issue. The course introduces students to architecture, functions, and various components of computer networking. Students will learn to build simple LANs and configure networking devices by learning CCNA course.

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Course Content

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Why should I do a course on CCNA?

Learning CCNA will help students understand the basics and fundamentals of networking, thereby opening a lot of doors for your career in networking. For this very reason many consider CCNA as the stepping stone to the network administration domain.

Benefits of doing CCNA

CCNA networking course is gaining popularity among students and working professionals. With the advent of internet and connectivity, the number of CCNA skilled jobs are increasing. CCNA skilled professionals are paid more, and their growth within the industry is 10% more when compared to others.

IIHT- Unique Training Modules

We provide instructor-led classroom training for the course and our course module is meets the global standards. The course provides students with hands-on experience with numerous practical sessions and exposes them to real-time troubleshooting scenarios.

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What is a Cloud lab?

IIHT’s Cloud labs are browser accessed and all students are given access to the cloud labs. This way students get hands-on training in real life environment making them job ready. Students can access IIHT’s Learning Management System Cloud labs from any location at any point in time making it the perfect practice field! The blended learning method adopted by IIHT is easily the most powerful of learning tools. Labs are integrated on the learner’s dashboard itself under job aids. The learners have hassle-free experience by not having to move to any other window.

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Start Your Network Career With CCNA


Since many enterprises are looking for CCNA skilled professionals, there are plenty of jobs waiting for you in the industry. Moreover, the certification is tailor made to meet the demands of the industry, making students who have completed it competent enough to keep an organization’s network running.

Today the world runs on the internet and. CCNA skilled professionals are mainly hired to keep the networking devices running without any flaws. The course prepares professionals to learn the evolving concepts of cloud computing.  Professionals skilled in CCNA form a major part of various telecommunication providers.  CCNA professionals were always in demand and will always remain in demand considering that networks play a crucial role in running an organisation.

The course is designed to crack the reputed Cisco certification, which many organizations consider as a basic requirement to pursue a career in networking. Having a CCNA certification gives these organizations the assurance that you are a competent network engineer. The certification also establishes that you are well prepared to face troubleshooting scenarios in real-time.

From an entry level job to top positions, there are many jobs profiles a CCNA skilled professional can apply for. Some of them are:

  • Systems Engineers (Computer Networking/IT)
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Network Support Manager
  • Network Administrator